How it works

Here is a brief overview of what working together with me looks like. All clients are individual, and are treated as such. At the same time, the following should give you an overview of what our trajectory may look like.

Here is a brief overview of what working together with me looks like.
All clients are individual, and are treated as such.
At the same time, the following should give you an overview of what our trajectory may look like.

Getting Started:


During the conversation I will ask you questions to get a better sense of your current situation and also see whether we are a good fit for each other.


When you contact me you will be invited to schedule a free 20-25 minute consultation call. This is your opportunity to share a little more about the challenge or therapeutic issue you are experiencing.


What will you change?

Working Together:

Your first session will typically be for 90 minutes. During this time you and I will map out your solution focused treatment plan and begin your hypnotherapy treatment.

There is no need to take notes during sessions although you may do so afterwards if you wish.

Subsequent treatment sessions are usually 1 hour long.

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After Your Session:

After your session you will almost certainly feel incredibly calm and more relaxed. Many clients also report an increased sense of aliveness and focus.

I usually recommend that you find at least 20 minutes of clear time immediately after the session before you continue with your day to allow our work to integrate.

This should be as free and clear of external stimulus and distraction as possible. (ie. phone calls, meetings, driving, social media).

In addition to the work we do together, I will also provide you with additional materials to work with outside of our formal sessions.

These will help you continue to deepen, reinforce and build the momentum of the unconscious changes you will be experiencing.

It is often helpful to set aside a short period of time each day to do these easy and transformational exercises.

Ongoing Development
& Support

Clients generally come to me with specific therapeutic challenges that they are facing. Sometimes this can result in the resolution of lifelong habits, patterns and issues.

Once their initial issue has been resolved, clients often find themselves curious about how they can continue their personal development and take things further, or to make changes in other areas of their life. In addition to hypnotherapy I also offer a range of other coaching and changework programmes.

If you are keen to take our work further or are interested in learning the skills that will help you to live to your fullest potential and thrive, I would be more than happy to discuss these options with you.


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