The kind of coaching that I offer is a relationship and frame 
for profound transformation that allows you to get what you truly want 
in life by becoming the person you choose to be

I am going to say that you don't need coaching

There is no law in the universe that says you need to do this kind of work but the fact is that if you want to get what you truly desire to experience in your life, it is by far the most powerful way to do it.

You see, after years of doing solution-focused hypnotherapy I noticed that many clients would come with challenges like anxiety or habits that they wanted to change.

While the quality of their lives improved significantly after dealing with them, they still felt unfulfilled, directionless and without great meaning. and purpose in ther lives.

A deeper transformation had to occur.

Soon they would find ways of unconsciously sabotaging their great results by creating more issues and challenges for themselves. Then I realized that a different conversation needed to take place.

Even though many had spent years in personal development (reading books, taking courses, etc) they found that they still were unsatisfied with their lives.

Making remedial changes just seemed like “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”


So what I offer now is an opportunity
for people to work with me in this way

A change at the level of being.

I realized what they craved for was the shifts at the level of their being that they had not been able to access yet. They needed to change who they were not just what they were doing.

And as we began this work the results were almost magical. They simply knew what was right for them to be doing and not doing because the choices flowed from who they chose to be at the unconscious level of mind.

This is a special kind of relationship where we both bring the very best of ourselves into a container where you open yourself to possibility of getting what you truly desire in life in a way that honours all who you are becoming

I want to
know more

Get in touch to find out if you would be
a good fit as a client.
Get in touch to find out if you would be a good fit as a client.


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