Episode 060

A Hypnotising Journey

From Goroka in Papa New Guinea, Ryan’s journey has taken him to many parts of the world, including Europe, Bangladesh, Australia, the USA, Asia. Following his passion for music, an associated injury led him to Hypnotherapy, which he now practices in Barcelona, Spain.

In this episode he gives us a valuable insight into how coaching and hypnotherapy can compliment each other to create permanent and lasting change.

Here’s a little more about Ryan:

Ryan is a hypnotherapist, change-worker and Integrative coach based in Barcelona, Spain.
His first experiences with healing and change came very early on in life when his Mother discovered a “lost” indigenous tribe in Papua New Guinea. Ryan witnessed first hand how tribal healers used forms of ¨Trance¨ to heal people. This profoundly influenced the course of his life.

This led to a deep study and practice of meditation and self-hypnosis, hypnosis, NLP and personal development. He now coaches people and enjoys creating music when he can.