Hypnotherapy: how it works from the client´s perspective.

Sometimes as a therapist it is difficult to explain what the work is like from a client’s perspective. I recently received an email which does this wonderfully and am grateful that she agreed to to let me publish it on my site

I decided to try hypnotherapy to help with my generalised anxiety, as well as fear of flying which was making it impossible to see my family. I felt like I had lost control of myself and it had started to impede on my day to day life.

So I emailed Ryan, and within a few days he emailed me back to set up a phone interview to talk about why I wanted to try hypnotherapy, and to set up a consulta
tion. When he told me I was probably only going to need four 1hr sessions over four weeks I didn’t actually believe him, it seemed too short a time to deal with what was going on in my head; considering I had been battling with it for so long in the first place.

During the first consultation Ryan went through some basic exercises with me, just to show me the difference between my conscious and my subconscious working and then I was hypnotised for the first time. I thought I was going to find it difficult to relax with a stranger, but Ryan is very personable and those fears dissipated very quickly. My experience with hypnosis was amazing. I felt like a clamp had been released from my brain, my anxiety completely dissipated and I had not ever felt that relaxed in my mind and body. After going through the process of hypnotherapy for the first time I was in no doubt that by the end of the month I would be on a plane.

Ryan is a great hypnotherapist, he has real passion and enthusiasm for his profession and that is reflected in the way he conducts his sessions. Throughout the process, he was always explaining the science behind my fear, why my brain and body were reacting in certain ways and how to break those habits. Hypnotherapy has done a lot more for me than I anticipated, it hasn’t just gotten rid of my fear of flying, it’s made me so much more self confident, relaxed and happy as a person, I feel complete. The other great thing about hypnotherapy is that it’s not something you have to keep topping up, you do your guided session to practice going into that conscious state and after that you are given the tools to practice at home, for essentially the rest of your life if you carry on practising.

I cannot recommend hypnotherapy enough to anyone, even if you are just a little bit stressed and need to clear your head. If you are reading this thinking it is too good to be true: do not underestimate the power of your brain, I used that power to convince myself if I so much as stepped onto a plane, or left the house at the wrong time I was going to die, so imagine what you could do if you were guided to put it to better use?