It’s all just placebo

“It’s all just placebo

I am sure you´ve heard that a million times…

I personally cringe when I hear that phrase, because even though people recognize that there is a placebo effect, I KNOW they don´t really get it. There is no such thing as JUST placebo.

Do you think it’s just anything that seems to be a medical treatment but is not? Do you think it´s a “trick of the mind” ?

The power of belief and expectation is incredible and it’s a lot more than just positive thinking and studies show that “fake” treatments can significantly outperform drugs in clinical trials.

The amazing thing for the medical establishment is that even that it works just as powerfully when people know they have been given a placebo!

Hypnotists know the power of the mind to create powerful physiological and psychological changes. We use these abilities everyday (whether in clinical practice, personal development or even for entertainment). What many do not realise is that science supports the use of Clinical Hypnotherapy as a treatment because of these very effects:

Hypnotic inductions alter response expectancies and have been shown empirically to substantially enhance the effects of psychotherapy. Therefore, hypnosis can be used therapeutically as a nondeceptive placebo– I. Kirsch

So how can hypnosis help you to benefit from the placebo effect if you are not looking for a medical treatment? In my experience, anything has the power to create incredible health benefits for someone if they understand how it works and how to use it.



Horizon- BBC: The Placebo: Can My Brain Cure My Body?