Spring cleaning

My partner and her family celebrated Easter Sunday this year by having a Barbeque in the graden of her aunt´s place here in Gràcia. As we enjoyed the wonderful weather, food and company I had a moment to reflect on the coming months and how much I like Spring.

It is, for me a particular time of renewal as I have my birthday in May, but also a time when I seriously consider letting go of the things that no longer serve me: in my Business, in my health and other areas of life it´s a moment when a “Spring Cleaning” is in order.

It´s a wonderful to have an opportunity to make space, knowing that creating a vaccuum will allow new possibilites into my life and also allow me to actually be more creative in the way I engage with the things that I do want.

This is especially true of habits and behaviours that no longer serve us. Imagine that you could set the intention to clean out something and could do it easily. If you did an inventory of all of your current habits and behaviours, what would you keep and what would get rid of? Perhaps you have a particular way of relating to foods that you would change or maybe something like biting your nails? Or maybe it´s something related to in general, such as your self-esteem or confidence?

One thing I know, after now many years working with people, is that powerful change happens when the intentions are clear and you choose to become the person that takes action. I often ask my clients to forgive the “cheezy” coaching question when I ask: “what do you want”? But it´s important to get clear on your outcomes: what it is you would like to envision yourself doing or feeling, where and with whom.

Knowing where it is you want to go will let you see quite clearly if your current behaviours support you getting there. If you see yourself strong and healthy 10 years from now, does smoking a packet of ciggarettes day help you get there? If you are looking to save money to buy a home, does spending more money on clothes that you will rarely wear seem like a smart choice?

When you know the habit you would like to get rid of, it is much more straightforward to be able to do something about it. It´s just like having a room of the house filled with things you never use. That space is ready to be filled with other things that you can engage positively with and in order to do that you need to choose to adopt the the mindset of someone that would clean out the room.

So I invite you take a moment to get a sheet of paper, and write down what you would like to change. Imagine how much better life would be for you and those around you if that were no longer an issue for you…that´s the first step to making profound changes.

At this stage you might say “well I would love to change this particular behaviour but I just can´t seem to…it just happens automatically in that situation”. This is the next step and Hypnotherapy is by far the best and most effective way of taking it. This is because we deal with the non-conscious part of the mind (the part that automatically has you doing that thing) and help change the thinking and emotions that causes that behaviour. When you realise that there is a certain pattern behind that behaviour, then changing it becomes quite straightforward.

For the ancient Romans, spring was the new year (the calender began on March the 1st) and while many of us choose to make new near resolutions in December, perhaps now is the moment to give yourself permission to make the changes you would like to experience in the future.